Our Story

Who We Are

The Jaya House is a bag company that helps Indian artisans in West Bengal.We help women in West Bengal by developing and selling products that enable them to earn a living wage. 

Our Mission

To empower women, elevate the quality of life and spread joy all around the world  – one boho bag at a time.

Our Story

 In the summer of 2012, Bethany was first led towards her purpose in life. After seeing poverty and homelessness while volunteering in San Francisco, she knew she was made to help those in need. This began a journey that would lead to a lot of researching, traveling, and planning — along with a deep passion for helping people better their lives.

Having been only 20 at the time, Bethany came home after that summer and kept that purpose close to her heart as she finished school, got married and had children. She got caught up in life till that little spark in her ignited again and she was determined to figure out what she was meant to do. Fast forward to January 2019, she launched The Jaya House - a bag company that helped organizations such as Sari Bari, who she bought wholesale bags from and sold online to help Bengali women. But there was more, she just knew it. She wanted to not only sell bags, she wanted to design her own. That's when she found SASHA, an organization that helps artisan men and women towards a better life. She figured out a sketch for the Sanchari and all is history.

The Jaya House is a social enterprise. We partner with World Fair Trade Organization, SASHA to provide income-generating opportunities to artisans of West Bengal, India.

The handmade nature of our bags is a display of both the creative skill and dedication of our female artisans. Using recycled saris as cloth and cotton thread for the embroidery, they create these fabrics using a whip stitch called Kantha (Kahn-THUH). Each print is unique and has a story to tell.

Our leather is also Eco-Hunter, which means it is full grain and vegetable tanned. We do not use any harsh chemicals during our process, to keep things natural and sustainable. And the quality reflects this; it honors the animals they came from.

Our Vision

"I made The Jaya House for you. A place for you to feel empowered, a place for you to connect with those who think like you. A place that gives you joy. Sometimes we find ourselves searching for a way to uplift and connect with the world. We want you to feel connected with us, and connected with the women in India, through our bags."

                     CEO + Founder

Bethany Prestridge, the designer, modeling the Sanchari.

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