Our Story

Who We Are

The Jaya House is a bag company that supports Indian artisans in West Bengal, specifically women. We work with these artisans to create and sell handcrafted products, allowing them to earn a living wage and preserve their traditional techniques

Our Mission

To ignite change, uplift the spirits and bring happiness to every corner of the world through the art of handcrafted boho bags. We are dedicated to empowering women and elevating the quality of life, one boho bag at a time.

Our Story

It was a summer of awakening for Bethany. In 2012, while volunteering in the bustling city of San Francisco, she was struck by the harsh reality of poverty and homelessness. But instead of turning a blind eye, she felt a calling deep within her, a calling to make a difference. And so began her journey of discovery, a journey fueled by a burning passion to improve the lives of others. From researching to traveling and planning, Bethany threw herself into her purpose, determined to make an impact on the world.

Bethany's purpose never faded, even as she navigated the ups and downs of life as a young adult. With a passion burning within her, she put her calling on the backburner as she finished her studies, said "I do," and started a family. But as life went on, that spark refused to be snuffed out. Determined to discover her true purpose, Bethany reignited that flame and in January 2019, she launched The Jaya House - a company with a mission to empower and better the lives of women in West Bengal through the sale of handcrafted bags. And she didn't stop there. With a thirst for something more, Bethany searched for organizations that shared her passion. That's when she discovered SASHA and their work to uplift artisan men and women. With the vision for the Sanchari bag in mind, Bethany joined forces with SASHA, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Jaya House is a socially responsible business that is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world. We have established partnerships with the World Fair Trade Organization and SASHA to support the artisans of West Bengal, India, by creating income-generating opportunities for them. With a focus on sustainability and fair trade practices, we are committed to promoting economic growth and improving the quality of life for communities in need.
The handcrafted nature of our bags showcases the exceptional talent and unwavering commitment of our female artisans. Working with recycled saris and cotton thread, they bring their traditional techniques to life through the intricate Kantha stitch. Each one-of-a-kind print tells a story, speaking to the creativity, passion, and cultural heritage of the women who create them.

Our leather is a symbol of our unwavering commitment to preserving the natural world. Carefully crafted using only the finest full grain, vegetable-tanned leather, each piece is a testament to our dedication to sustainability. By avoiding harsh chemicals in our manufacturing process, we not only preserve the quality of our leather, but also honor the animals that provide it. Our leather is more than a product, it is a symbol of our values and a statement of our purpose.

Our Vision

"I made The Jaya House for you. A place for you to feel empowered, a place for you to connect with those who think like you. A place that gives you joy. Sometimes we find ourselves searching for a way to uplift and connect with the world. We want you to feel connected with us, and connected with the women in India, through our bags."

                     CEO + Founder

Bethany Prestridge, the designer, modeling the Sanchari.

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